Real Estate Management


We can manage your commercial real estate investment data for you.  

Whether it is warehouse space, office space or a shopping center, we can provide comprehensive management services including lease management and a financial data management solution.

That solution includes:

  • Tenant Business and Emergency Contact Information and Management

  • Detailed Property Information

  • Lease Information and Tracking - all key lease terms including rent rate, rent increases, expiration dates, renewal date, optional lease terms

  • Lease Commission Tracking

  • Income Tracking

  • All Notifications for Late Payments, Rent Increases, Lease Termination, Insurance Requirements

  • Financial Reporting for Federal taxes

  • State Sales Tax Collection and Reporting

  • Expense Breakdown per property or unit

  • Comprehensive Repair Issue Reporting - from Initial Incident Reporting to Issue Resolution

  • Code Compliance Violations Tracking

  • Insurance Increase Billing Notification and Tracking

  • Property Tax Increase Billing Notification and Tracking

  • Water Useage Billing

  • 3 Day Notices for Eviction

If you are running a small to a medium sized property management office, and you don't have all the things above totally automated - so that any one task can be completed in seconds,
then we can help.