Disaster Recovery and Security Planning


Your server just crashed. Are you sure your latest backup is recent and has everything you need ?

Most companies don't think about backup or disaster recovery until after there is a problem.  Typically by that time, it is too late.
Don't get caught without having recovery plans in place, tested and verified. 

In case of a serious problem, it could mean the difference between a few hours of recovery and you're out of business.

Would you be out of business if your facility was either burned to the ground by a fire or blown away by a hurricane ?
If you answered 'Yes', then you need to have a disaster recovery plan made for your business.

Everyday backups in most cases or weekly backups in some cases can be set up so that you don't have to think about it.  Depending on the volume of the data you need archived, it can either be saved to the internet, to a CD, DVD or terabyte tapes and brought off-site to secure your data.

Let us help you implement a strategy now - before disaster strikes.